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Established since 1975

For the past 40 years, Sin Joo Lee Timber Pte Ltd has been supplying quality timber and plywood stocks to the construction trade, wholesale and retail markets around the world.

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As one of Singapore’s largest, leading timber importers, our extensive and strategically located shipping ports, storage yards and mill facilities are as essential to our clients as our competitive pricing structures. But if you ask any of our customers what keeps them coming back, they are likely to tell you that it’s our unique approach to customer care.

Despite our large-scale operations, we always make it a point to remember that it is the needs of the individual that matter most. Having supplied to countries such as Germany, Italy, Turkey, UAE, India, Australia, Vietnam and the Netherlands, we understand how different each of our customer’s needs are. We make it a point to always provide, personal, quality service to every single one of them.

Our expertise is unrivaled and with our matchless ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry, we are always ready to accustom ourselves to any situation at any given time. Only when your needs are satisfied is our job done. Ask any of our customers.

When our clients come to us, they never have to fret about long purchasing processes or delayed shipments. With our comprehensive distribution network and sophisticated logistics operations, we are known for making the import business look effortless.

With quality products sourced from only the best mills in China, Malaysia and Indonesia, we have developed an extremely strong presence in the Malay Archipelago and Pacific region, and an undeviating reputation for versatility, reliability and strength.

With quality inspectors who work around the clock ensuring that you get only the best, you never have to worry about your product standards being compromised.

It is clear that when it comes to the import-export business, that there isn’t any company quite like Sin Joo Lee Timber. With purchasing made easy and products made well, it’s no wonder that our customers consider us the number one agent of timber and plywood.

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Only most up-to-date technology is used for processing our timber and plywood products. Only because we know precision and quality are the two most important elements of any mechanical affair.

Taking It All Off


Used for re-peeling of peeled cores and relatively small diameter logs of different species and grades, our veneer rotary lathe allows for the maximum use of materials.

The roller dryers of our veneer dryers uses a drying technology. Through the dryer's climate control unit, we are able to measure moisture content and ensure consistency in each veneer.

Putting It Back On


Using the core builder, (also known as a composer), each core veneer is jointed and controlled by an electronic detector.

This electronic detector has precise mechanisms, which prevents overlapping of veneer and cracks after drying. The glue spreader then coats an even layer of glue on each sheet of veneer, doing so at a whopping average of 2 veneers every 60 seconds.

Polishing It Up


With a firm frame and load capacity to avoid vibrations while working, our sander ensures the quality of the wood with its electric current meter that indicates work condition.

The meter helps check processing situations and serve as reference for correction. This guarantees that the thickness of plywood is standardized throughout.


At Sin Joo Lee, we offer a wide variety of plywood for both importers and manufacturers.

Poplar Plywood

Poplar plywood is a standard Sin Joo Lee product which is usually used for a wide range of applications. Its main characteristics are light weight, elasticity, good workability.

Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is a standard Sin Joo Lee product which has a permanent Type A phenolic bond. It is manufactured from selected species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristics.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is a high- quality SJL product combining a beautiful natural veneer surface with a durable core, hardwood plywood provides the strength of lumber, but with greater efficiency and versatility. It can even be shaped or formed for curved applications.

Construction Plywood

Our Phenolic Film-faced plywood are available with smooth or mesh (reduced-slip) finishes. The phenolic films are impervious to water, the smooth variant being ideal for concrete formwork where the form is to be repeatedly reused. Paper overlay plywood also appear in the extension range. Substrates include Tropical Hardwood, Birch and Douglas Fir Plywood.

Concrete Formwork

Strong yet lightweight plywood panels with a multi-use, quick-release surface.

Supplying quality timber and plywood to the world

Germany, Italy, Turkey, UAE, India, Australia, Vietnam and the Netherlands


We offer timber that are well-manufactured for construction and renovation works.








Meranti Finger-Jointed




We understand your concerns when importing/exporting wood.


Colour PVC - Australia


Film-faced Plywood - Middle East


Finger-Joint Timber - Australia


Oak-Caps - Belgium


Sawn Timber - Middle East


Primed Caps - United Kingdom


Merbau - Germany


Marine Plywood - India

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Every single project we undertake is planned
in conjunction with the client, to ensure it provides the desired results.

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