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Indoor Timber

Finger Joint

As its name suggests, small pieces of wood are joined together through its finger wedges.

Finger-joint timbers are very straight and are a pocket-friendly option for joinery projects, door manufacturing, event standees, and other structural indoor usages.

It gained huge popularity through recycling off-cuts from expensive tropical hardwood species. In addition, with the introduction of sustainable forestry over the years, finger-joint timbers are specially made from Pinewood (clear pine without knots), providing the same density and substrate as tropical species, and at a lower price to combat global warming.

Outdoor Timber


In the wood industry, we call Chengal ‘A not so beautiful piece of gem’.

Takes many years to be fully grown hence its stability is unrivaled. It is considered the best wood for use outdoors in Southeast Asia.

Grains of chengal are plain and monotonous, come with natural pinholes, are naturally susceptible to termites, and are sappy but with proper pre-use preparation, it is a gem.

Most commonly used as outdoor decking, fencing, trellis, post and poles, benches, or any structural and decorative purpose.

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