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Humble Beginnings

Sin Joo Lee Timber Pte Ltd commenced its humble beginnings in Singapore in 1974 and had been approached by factories from Malaysia to act as their outsourced export agent in Singapore and started stocking up an array of different wood species for the Singapore market. However, the Company was hit badly by the 21st-century economic recession, and supply was constantly disrupted due to the winding up of sawmills one after another.


Stranded without choices at the end of the first decade, the Owner mapped out an audacious plan to set up their own sawmill in West Malaysia. Sin Joo Lee Timber Sdn. Bhd. was established and had been working closely with the Orang Asli of the forests and its federal government for the supply of fresh timber logs, to Singapore and to other export markets primarily in Central Asia, the Middle East, French Polynesian, and Oceania. Since then, a wide variety of tropical wood species in sawn timber planks are stocked in the Singapore warehouse to cater to the needs of the market.

Market Penetration

In addition, the growth of consumerism led Sin Joo Lee to explore more species out of tropical hardwood and started purchasing coniferous species such as spruce, pine, and larch throughout the world. To date, the Company is one of the biggest stakeholders and stockiest of pine sawn timber in Malaysia and Singapore. To add to its basket of products, plywood, and panel products were stocked and traded locally as well as for export.

Corporate Foresight

In 2012, the Company identify the demand for pocket-friendly, hassle-free synthetic wood flooring, and took another leap forward to introduce NATURESTEPS® resilient vinyl flooring into Southeast Asia. Sin Joo Lee saw an opportunity to target discerning interior designers and contractors to provide affordable yet wood-lookalike flooring tiles. The response overwhelms Singapore and brought about subsequent introductions of NATURESTEPS® Premium, 4.2mm WOWSteps®, and 4.0mm COOPER® SPC tiles.

The Path Ahead

The Company had developed a strong supply chain to minimize risks and costs in all aspects of the business, which aims to lead to more cooperation across various industries.

We are committed to completing every project in a timely, reliable and cost-effective manner, while ensuring high quality and tailored outcomes that will satisfy every customer.
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