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Indoor Flooring

Vinyl Tiles: Naturesteps® 5.0mm

Naturesteps® vinyl tiles made its debut in Singapore in 2012 and had since been second to none in consumers’ choice for synthetic wood flooring.

Our in-house Engineers had gone through a tedious 30 months of research and studies to perfect Naturesteps® for Singapore’s climate and usage. None of the 9-step production processes can be short-changed to achieve its quality and stability.

Naturesteps® mimics the design of real wood and this is the forte of Sin Joo Lee. All our vinyl tiles resemble wood grains of real wood species ranging from American Cherry, Ash, Oak, Teak, and other exotic African wood. Trust the wood people in their selection of wood designs.

The durability of Naturesteps® had been tested and proven by certifications from SETCO laboratory Singapore. Besides, its latest feature of an embedded nanotechnology function has the ability to kill bacteria and hence is an ideal product for the numerous child-care centres we had installed as well as homes with children, pets and the elderly.


Outdoor Flooring

Decking: Natural Wood

In tropical Singapore, outdoor decking is a popular choice in parks, home gardens, patios, balcony floors, and planters.

Natural wood decking; commonly Chengal wood, takes away heat from the scorching floor while retaining its warm underfoot feel during the night. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, a piece of good wood decking levels steps and kerbs for safety to prevent slips and falls. Wood grains are also a natural form of increased slip resistance and will never wear off with age.

Chengal wood, harvested from Southeast Asia, is the number one consumer choice and it attributes its popularity to being naturally termites and pest resistant without the need for chemical treatment. Other exotic species such as American White Oak, Burmese Teak, Indonesian Merbau, Brazilian Ipe are also available upon request.

Care for natural wood decks only calls for periodic sanding and varnishing over a span of 5 to 8 years and it may be passed down to other generations.

We are committed to completing every project in a timely, reliable and cost-effective manner, while ensuring high quality and tailored outcomes that will satisfy every customer.
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